PDF Format

Rich-text Format

Digital versions of the printed statement stuffers

Veteran bank marketers know that, beyond simple disclosure requirements mandated by law, regular communication with customers can have a dramatic impact on a bank’s customer retention and business development. BankStuffers makes these efforts easier and more effective with our Electronic Stuffers…digital versions of our available printed statement stuffers. In addition to extending customer contacts, these E-brochures meet many of the regulatory agency requirements for customer disclosure when used properly.

Two E-Stuffer formats are available

  • PDF Format…is an electronic version of the printed statement stuffer. It has been converted to the popular PDF format, making it useful as a website post or as an email attachment. Custom imprinting is available.
  • Rich-text Format…offers the same content as the printed brochures in HTML format. The format employs primarily text and limited graphics, making it more adaptable to your bank’s corporate look (see a sample). In addition, because it is created in HTML, banks can use it as an Email, exactly like other major retailers are doing. This format is also available as a PDF. Custom imprinting is available.

Ways to use the E-stuffers

  • Send HTML emails directly to your customers. The HTML format of the Rich-Text Version allows you to send it out directly to your email list…no worrisome attachments that customers have been educated to open with caution! (Simple instructions for using Rich-text stuffers as an emailer will be included with your order.) You can communicate the same as other retailers via email…without the time, effort or subscription costs!
  • Create a consumer education section on your website. When using the Rich-text version, your information section will have a unified look and feel, and will carry your bank logo at the top of each E-stuffer. A customized look at a fraction of the cost!
  • Post PDF versions on your website. This can help you reinforce your message after sending the printed version. You can include a link on your home page…or a link in one of your regular emails, bringing customers to your site.

BankStuffers is here to help: 800-886-3346

Rest assured that BankStuffers will provide easy-to-understand directions on how to use the Rich-Text brochures as emailers. Want to customize or change a brochure? Give us a call. Having trouble posting to your website? Help is available.