Printed Statement Stuffer Files

Veteran bank marketers know that, beyond simple disclosure requirements mandated by law, regular communication with customers can have a dramatic impact on a bank’s customer retention and business development. BankStuffers makes these efforts easier and more effective with both our Printed Statement Stuffer High-Resolution Files and the Electronic Stuffer formats. In addition to extending customer contacts, these statement stuffers meet many of the regulatory agency requirements for customer disclosure when used properly.

Two Printed Stuffer formats are available

  • Hi-Res Format…is the same brochure size as the printed statement stuffer. Available in print file format with product specifications making it easy for your local printer to produce and ship to your statement processing provider. Custom imprinting is available.


    Brochure title

    Flat size – either 10.5 x 7 or 7 x 7

    Folded size – 3.5 x 7

    Stock – 70 lb. White Opaque offset

    Ink – 2 PMS colors (individual brochures vary)

    Bleeds - yes

    Bind – fold to 3.5 x 7 head out, band in 500’s

    Composition – supplied hi-res file with crop marks and trims

    Scheduled delivery – ask your printer

    Delivery location(s) – ask your printer

  • Rich-text Format…offers the exact same content as the printed brochures. This format employs text and limited graphics and is an 8.5 x 11 size for your bank’s statement processor or in-house printer. Custom imprinting is available.


    Brochure title

    Flat size – 8.5 x 11 (1 to 3 pages)

    Ink – Full color (black/white version available)

    Composition – supplied hi-res file

Ways to use the Printed Statement Stuffers

  • Send the Hi-Res files directly to your local printer along with the specifications prepared by BankStuffers staff.
  • Many statement processing companies use combination files for both printed and electronic statement preparation ---- the Rich-Text Version is formatted to fit right into either or both applications regardless of the size of the processing company. (Just call us, we can help!)
  • The format of the Rich-Text Version allows you to print it out directly on your desktop printer if you choose. This capability really helps your new account and front office personnel.

BankStuffers is here to help: 800-886-3346

Rest assured that BankStuffers will provide easy-to-understand directions and specifications on how to print both the Hi-Res and Rich-Text brochures whether in-house or at your local printer. Want to customize or change a brochure? Give us a call. Having trouble locating a local printer? Help is available.